Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Traffic exchange (TX) earnings

With the help of TE (Traffic Exchage) sites, you are able to make money and at the same time make a loan by which you can advertise your site, blog, your referral links. These sites are stable and regularly paid.
I note that here are the sites that have the relatively highest earnings per spent time and who regularly pay.

Work instructions


Basic earnings of money and loans

Earnings are achieved by surfing - viewing sites for a specific period of time (5-20 seconds). After the expiration of this period, you need to glycol on a button, image, etc., that move takes you to the next site. On some sites there are limits to how many sites you can look at on some of them. Daily earnings go up to $ 0.1 per site. Earnings are withdrawn from the payment processor when the minimum payment is reached (0.5 to 5 US dollars). Usually, as you review sites, you get a loan so that others will review your site.

Earnings and money from direct referrals.

Direct referrals are people who work like you, with the difference that they have applied to these sites through your referral link. They earn 100% of their earnings and you, but after applying as your direct referrals you earn from 10% to 30% of their earnings.

You can present your referral links on the Net (Trafic Exchange Sites), in your blogs, etc., with these moves, you refer to the network below you and thus earn more.

Good cooperation between the two contributors is only good if both associates have a personal benefit. You (or some of your acquaintances) join these sites as my referrals. You will do this by clicking on the links at the beginning of the post, and still working according to the procedure on those sites.

For this you get my experience regarding these sites (good and bad), thus saving time and maximizing your earnings. I get some kind of earnings more. I note that you are earning the same in any case. In this way, you get an experienced tutor.


Work them 6-9 in the group on google chrome using the TAB RESIZE extension for chrome. What in the translation means, that this extraction opens 6-9 windows where you load individual sites. Now you have these sites in mind and work them in parallel. This saves time for clicking.

Earnings collection

I have a paypal payment processor attached to the Visa Electron Card of the Bank Intensa (a free card with free annual maintenance). Payment and payment are functioning smoothly in Serbia.


On the net you can find explanations for work on each individual site. I will make sure that in the following posts, each TE site is explained in detail. If something is not clear I will give an additional explanation, just leave a question in the comment.




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